The Last of the Renshai

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Last of the Renshai cover art

The Wizards -

Down through the centuries these four masters of magic have struggled to maintain the delicate balance of power in the Northlands. But now the mortal world teeters on the brink of the long foretold Great War, and not even the eternally conflicting sorceries of the Wizards may be enough to stave off the start of a battle which could – so legends say – herald the beginning of the dreaded final age for mortals, Wizards, and even the gods themselves…

The Renshai -

They are the mightiest, most hated and feared of all warrior races. When their enemies bad together in a surprise attack on their homeland, one Renshai will escape the genocidal ambush.

He is a fighter destined to walk the pathways of prophecy, a lone warrior determined to keep the memory of his people alive and to claim his vengeance on the slayers of his race – and a master of destruction who – if he can survive in a world where the very name Renshai is a guaranteed sentence of death – may be doomed to become the Champion of the Great War…


Part I – The Town of Santigithi

  • Master of Immortality
  • The Weapon Master
  • Garn’s Revenge
  • Memories in Oilcloth
  • Storm Master of the East
  • The Demon in the Gems
  • Foes and Freinds
  • The Chase

Part II – Preparations

  • An Act of Defiance
  • Crests of Blue and Gold
  • Golden-haired Demon
  • White Assassins
  • The Golden-haired Devils from the North
  • Mountain Man
  • Becoming Renshai
  • Pudar
  • Sterrane the Bear
  • Wizard’s Work
  • Kinesthe
  • Ambush
  • King Gasir’s Court
  • The Source of Strength
  • Corpa Leukenya
  • War to the Death

Part III – The Great War

  • Beneath the Banner of the Wolf
  • The Flagstone Tomb
  • Renshai Rage and the God of Wrath
  • The Eyes of the Dead
  • The Legend of B√©arn


In an age of change
When Chaos shatter’s Odin’s ward
And the Cardinal Wizards forsake their vow
A Renshai shall come forward.

Hero of the Great War
He will hold legend and destiny in his hand
And wield them like a sword.
Too late shall he be known unto you.

The Golden Prince of Demons

–Crypts of Kor N’rual

  1. Dustin Bloomston says:

    I first read this series in high school and I absolutely loved it. The characters are compelling; I empathized and connected with nearly everyone one I came across as the reader. In a world of Wizards and Norse mythos, we follow the protagonist Rache as he survives catastrophe and legions of enemies who wish to kill him merely for being a member of a feared and hated tribe. I was drawn into the world the author has created, with ominous prophecies of heroes and the Great War. The various peoples we encounter, their lands, beliefs, and lore along with their legends of Cardinal Wizards, are fantastic and combine to make an engrossing tale.

    The author clearly spent an enormous amount of time researching the material of the novel: martial arts, swordcraft, equestrian arts, and injuries/wounds both on and off the battlefield.

    As a fencer of nearly 20 years, having competed and succeeded at rather high levels and as someone who has read a multitude of books on fencing and martial arts, I was thoroughly impressed and delighted by the book. The fights and battles fairly jump off of the pages, as we see them through the eyes of the experienced fighters, characters with training but no real combat experience, and tyros given their first taste of combat.

    Not to belabor the point, but I’ve also sustained some rather serious sprains and breaks through martial arts and this has given me another angle of insight. The authenticity and attention to detail with all of the wounds and injuries in the novel is rather impressive.

    Using such first rate material, it is hardly surprising the author has crafted a wonderful story. As a stand-alone novel it is exemplary, and as the beginning of a wonderful trilogy it is impressive. I’ve given this book to at least a half-dozen friends over the years: fencers, avid fantasy readers alike enjoyed it.

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